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48 things I've learned in 48 years

Not long after I turned 48 years old, I realised half a century is a long time to live without picking up some bits of wisdom here and there. My maths isn't so bad that I consider 48 to be half of 100, but it's as near as dash it. (Is that even an expression you know? A quick search on Google and it doesn't know what I'm talking about either. I can only assume 'as near as dash it' is another of my grandmother's phrases that make no sense whatsoever to most people, but one I seem to have absorbed and credited with meaning.)

And so, dear reader, you are welcome here to wile away a few minutes from time to time as I explore such pearls as, 'The dot above an i and j is known as a tittle' and, 'Ice skating is harder than it looks.'

And not that I’ve only learned 48 things, of course. That would be a crazy suggestion and the waste of a life, to be frank. I don't pretend to know it all, but these are just 48 things I do know that you might like to know too. Hopefully knowledge mixed with storytelling, with an odd smattering of humour here and there. And along the way, who knows, maybe we'll become friends.


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